About Us

Origin Story

At Jason and Joseph Enterprises, our journey began with a passion for entertaining and inspiring others. From a young age, the desire to create and produce content has always been a driving force behind our business. Whether it was exploring virtual worlds in ROBLOX and Minecraft or delving into the art of filmmaking, the joy of crafting experiences for others has been a constant source of motivation.

The inception of our business was marked by a shared vision with my good friend and partner, Joseph, who also shared a passion for creating impactful video content. Together, inspired by the positive reactions of our audience, we embarked on a journey to bring our creative visions to life and connect with viewers on a deeper level.

Background in Industry

Drawing from my educational background, I have completed Nichols Career Center’s Broadcast Media class in Jefferson City, MO, as part of my high school credits. This experience provided me with valuable insights into shot setup, camera techniques, and the technical aspects of the film industry, laying a solid foundation for our endeavors in video production.

At Jason and Joseph Enterprises, we are dedicated to crafting engaging and innovative content that resonates with our audience and inspires creativity. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to explore new horizons in the world of video production.

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